Monday, October 06, 2008


Before this season began, Amanda Mattos and I had sort of an ad hoc deal that we were going to treat this Redskins season as if they were a first year expansion team. Prior performance had little to do with it, uncertainty over what the frack sort of coach Jim Zorn was going to be was more the reason behind my decision (I won't speak for Mattos). Back then, I was thinking: Okay, Seattle QB, studied under Holmgren, thought of as having a book full of gimcrack offensive plays. This sounded to me like a sort of pretty-boy, playbook-has-the-answers sort of guy. We'd just survived one of those sorts at offensive coordinator, and I wasn't looking forward to year with a guy at the realm who thought the fundamentals of the game could be made to conform to the drawings in some binder.

Well, after today, I gotta say I seemed to have Zorn pegged all wrong. As it turns out, he's actually more about tone and toughness than anything else. That play - fourth and one, with just under three minutes remaining - to seal the game sort of says it all. Yeah, we know that Portis actually "called the play." But Zorn clearly had final edit, and he was out to send a message - Washington was going to be a team that TOOK wins, thank you very much. The man has balls. He has balls with the lead. Go back and watch some of Washington's fourth quarter exploits in the recent wins. This team isn't about coasting to victory. They seem to be about delivering coup de graces.

And now, we're 4-1, division road games are done, and we got the Browns, Rams and Lions coming up next. I warn all visitors to this city: motherfuckin' Washingtonians are about to get insufferable up in this piece.

What can I say? Not bad for a an expansion team.


In related Redskins news: Oy, Sage Rosenfels! You are going to have a lot to think about this Yom Kippur, my friend.


Also, UVa beat Maryland, rather astoundingly! They have thus secured the one win each year I truly give a shit about. There likely won't be too many more! I'm glad to see that the University has reversed its position on the carrying of signs at the game. Those students need something to do! And the sign-making may be the last bulwark between the gains we have made as a student body and the bad old days of wearing ties and fancy dresses to football games. My only question is: how much of this bad karma could be corrected if the school reversed course on another terrible error, and brought back the pep band?

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Brett said...

What a waste of a weekend trip to C-ville. I drowned my sorrows at the Biltmore after the game in my Terps regalia and, in the most random thing ever, some dude from UMD recognized me from when I tried to walk-on to the track team in '99. I shit you not. Needless to say, I was immediately sketched out by this.

After that awkward exchange, I then consumed my first Gusburger. I was skeptical about this hamburger/egg concoction but given the amount of alcohol I had consumed, it was absolutely delicious.