Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Death Of Roy Batty [Jonathan Rees R.I.P.]

Keith Ivey points me to this article on awesomely 1997tastic website DCWatch from Gary Imhoff, reporting that Jonathan Rees, vexatious litigant and crazy bedeviler of DC area blogs and bloggers, has died. He leaves behind a legacy that includes at least one fantastically unsuccessful run for DC Council, endless homophobic blogs, about seven hundred online aliases, and a pure and unadulterated mania that will likely be unmatched in this lifetime. I hope wherever he goes, they give him his brain back. Or let him go even crazier. That was one weird and hateful dude.

Rees probably gave me one of my favoritest blurbs ever: "I am convinced that your left nut is bigger than your right which reflects your often unbalanced reporting but that is your trade mark as Asshole of the Year 2004." That went right on my curriculum vitae.

Rees was good enough to submit to an interview with me. At the time, he didn't know it, but he had specifically agreed to take the Voight-Kampff Test:

The DCeiver: It's your birthday. Someone gives you a calfskin wallet. How do you react?

REES: I always liked things like leather or skin whether a wallet or vest.

The DCeiver: You've got a little boy. He shows you his butterfly collection plus the killing jar. What do you do?

REES: Since I am not a fan of butterfly collections, I might be inclined to encourage him to begin collecting things like coins, stamps or marbles.

The DCeiver: You're watching television. Suddenly you realize there's a wasp crawling on your arm.

REES: I would extend my arm and wait for it to fly off as I have been in that position twice in my life and was never stung.

The DCeiver: You're in a desert walking along in the sand when all of the sudden you look down, and you see a tortoise, Jonathan, it's crawling toward you. You reach down, you flip the tortoise over on its back,
Jonathan. The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun,
beating its legs trying to turn itself over, but it can't, not without your
help. But you're not helping. Why is that, Jonathan?

REES: I am not helping because I want it to do more on its own to turn itself over.

The DCeiver: Describe in single words, only the good things that come into your mind. About your mother.

REES: The fact that she took the time to not only raise me but taught me to respect all no matter what their lot in life was and never ask for anything back.

As you might have guessed, he was deemed a replicant. Oh, well. Jonathan Rees saw things you wouldn't believe. Unconfirmed sodomy between DC officials. Misguided campaign flyers, shoved under windshield wipers in Woodley Park. He watched comment streams on blogs glitter on his screen at the public library. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.


Anonymous said...

RIP...or something. I guess.

What a shame to leave this world with a legacy of deception, cruelty, dirty tricks, bigotry, misogyny,lies and mind-boggling weirdness, reviled with an intensity otherwise reserved for sexual predators. I almost hate to say it: I feel somehow safer now.

Anonymous said...

Just wondered if anyone has actually seen a printed funeral notice of obituary. I wasn't able to find one in the DC papers? I saw a second hand comment on line that his funeral was to be this morning (11/29/08) at a local DC church?

Anyone care to investigate further?

Anonymous said...

Me too. Although like a horror movie, who could still pop back up. I mean, has anybody seen an actual obituary or death notice?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure this even warrants an RIP.

Jonathan R. Rees was clearly a troubled individual with a computer and too much time on his hands.

His manipulation and sociopathic tendencies actually hurt a lot of good people who did not deserve such treatment.

I would hope the local media and entities such as the DC Board of Ethics and Elections would be better equipped to handle this kind of situation in the future.

If people like his children, ex-wife and god-forbid real current wife actually exist, god bless.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan R Rees has been laid to rest today and that is a fact.

How I know I was at the funeral, with several other guests, his wife, sister and his brother-in-law.

Peganrose said...

Jonathan R. Rees was laid to rest today at a cemetery just outside of DC.

This is not hear say, but fact. I was a guest today for the service.

May he rest in peace.

BewareOfZombies said...

I've thought of that too, actually. Until I see some sort of death notice? I don't actually believe it.

He's exactly that sick and evil.

Anonymous said...

Ah, PeganRose! The plot thickens.

Anonymous said...

Aw, crap. That link failed.^^ Look, just click on "Peganrose"'s handle history on dcmessageboards, and read the whole thread that she and Rees posted on. He claims she is is wife. While on her blogspot page (click on her handle) she says otherwise.

Add to that the similarity in their posting styles, and I think something is very, very wrong here.

Peganrose said...

To set a few facts straight. I had asked Luke to delete the Peganrose profile from the message board, because Jonathan found out it was me. I wanted to post my opinions without him or anyone else knowing who I was.

I still do have a blog page with the name on it, but that was my choice there to keep it. If you had taken the time to read the articles that I do post it will say a few things about who I am.

I am open to all, do not condescend anyone for their beliefs. I do not care what religion, nationality, sexual preference you have. There is only one rule that I live by "Do what ye will, but ye harm none". If you want to know what they mean look up Wicca and you will find the meaning to it.

I can not really post anything that happen on in DC because I do not live there.

Jonathan was a friend, yes, but that was because I did not live there, and he was not always honest with me as well.

Mrs. Rees had tried to keep the death of Jonathan private, because that is how she lives her life. That is why there will be no notification of his death, or his burial site in the papers, but if she decides to do so that will be her choice no one else's.

Anonymous said...

The postings in which someone says, without supporting details, that they were at Rees' funeral so he is definitely dead, sounds a lot like a typical Rees posting. . .

Anonymous said...

Found on uder lung cancer, heading Sad News
style look familiar?

"It is with great sadness the Rees family announces the passing of Jonathan Rees.

Reverend George Timberlake is donating his time and church to conducting the funeral service for Jonathan at St. Columba at 8:00am this Saturday 11/29/2008. Their website is

They are located at 4201 Albermarle Street, NW, in Washington, DC one block west of Wisconsin Avenue, just above the intersection of Wisconsin and Nebraska Avenue (Tenley Circle). It's a little more than two miles north of Washington National Cathedral and approximately one mile south of the District line.

There is a small parking lot behind the church on Butterworth Place. When parking on the street, be sure to observe the signs that indicate where you may and may not park.

If you need further directions please call St. Columba at 202-363-4119.

The service will be 45 minutes. The casket will then be taken to Gate of Heaven Cemetery, 13801 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20906 301-871-6500, where a very short prayer will be said before Jonathan will be laid to rest."

Mindy Rees

Anonymous said...

No one has ever established the existence of "Mindy Rees". That posting? I've been all over, under the Lung Cancer Survivors area. Can't find it anywhere. If someone finds a link, post it here please.

Note that Rees was banned from posting on Inspire over the summer. The moderators refused to divulge the reason.

Let's see if St. Columba has any information on a funeral this past Saturday. Who wants to bet on whether they'll say "We aren't able to give out that information" or not? I've been observing Rees for a while now. And I'm tellin' ya, something's off here.

Anonymous said...

Someone should ask gary Imhoff how he was notified of Rees's alleged passing. I smell a rat here.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the posting on Team Inspire.

BurnedTooManyTimes said...

That link links to nothing. Nice try, though.

I am now convinced: TRees ain't dead. Perhaps, three years after his insane reign of terror began, someone in the media will actually investigate this sick f*ck.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone called the cemetary or St. Columba's? It should be easy enough to find out if there was a ceremony for Rees at St. Columba's or if he's buried at Gate of Heaven Cemetery.

It wouldn't be beyond impossible for Rees to stage his own death. Rees may be a sociopath, but he's also very intelligent.

How did themail find out that Rees died? themail has always taken Rees' at his word, despite Rees' obvious lies. If Rees were to have staged his own death, he might very well start with themail.

Anonymous said...


Info under of his passing under "Sad News" started by
Mom20Cats, posted 11-28-2008

Peganrose said...

This is the last post I will make on this subject.

Jonathan had said to me one time that DC had the most well educated people living there, but had no common sense.

I do not know what all he did to people there, and for that I am sorry that he hurt so many.

If so many are so unsure of his passing then call the Church, or the cemetery for conformation. But for the Spirits above, if not for your own peace let the man rest in peace for he can do not further harm to any of you.

Blessings for those who were hurt, and for those who were actually his friend.

Denise said...

I used to live across the street from Jonathan who lived with a woman he identified as his wife and her daughter, this would be in 1997-99. The property he lived in had been identified as a "hot property" and he got into litigation with the landlord, which unfortunately ended with an eviction as I came home to find his wife and her daughter out in the cold waiting for him. I have ofen wondered what happened to her and her child.

Denise said...

I used to live across the street from Jonathan and his wife an her daughter from 1998-1999. Unfortunately it was a "hot property" and after litigation with the landlord they were evicted. I have often wondered what happened to her and the girl. It was a "common-law" arrangment so I do not know if it is the same person who is his wife now.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, mom20cats last posted there in October. There is no search result for such a post in November.

Further, Luke Wilbur of DCPages never deletes anything, so there is no reason to believe "paganrose".

I believe Mr. Rees has faked his own death, probably to get out from under debt or other trouble.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that even in death, Jonathan has still managed to keep the obsessed attention of all of his "fans." He would really love that. ;-)

Anonymous said...

@Denise, you can do a search for Bianca Reyes and Jonathan Rees to see what became of the first wife and daughter (who clearly was not the Anita Rees as had been claimed).

KCinDC said...

This comment thread makes me think I should have been more suspicious of the report of Rees's death. We really have no evidence other than the notice from Imhoff, who probably just took the word of some one of Rees's associates/identities. Imhoff has always been more willing than most to give Rees the benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous said...

people just call st. columba espiscopel church, 202-363-4119 or information(area code 202) for its number and/or wh baker funeral home. they say there was a funeral.
final tribute, bet he'd love it some think he's coming back.

Anonymous said...

So Rees' alleged funeral at an Episcopal church, but his alleged internment in a Catholic cemetery. Is this common?

Anonymous said...

I have a question? Has Rees posted anywhere in the last two months? Has he did any blogs on his page? Has he posted anything on the DC Message Board? From what all I have seen NO he has not.

Rees has passed and put to rest, but from what I am seeing he is getting the last laugh because so many people are so sceptically of what is told to them that they are unwilling to hear the truth.

Truthseeker said...

"I have a question? Has Rees posted anywhere in the last two months? Has he did any blogs on his page? Has he posted anything on the DC Message Board? From what all I have seen NO he has not.

Rees has passed and put to rest, but from what I am seeing he is getting the last laugh because so many people are so sceptically of what is told to them that they are unwilling to hear the truth."

^^^If THAT post doesn't sound exactly like Ree's usually bullshit, I don't know what does!

Case closed, IMO. That piece of human filth has attempted to fake his own death. Nothing short of a hard copy of his Social Security death record will convince me otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Rees is dead.

I called the Gate of Heaven Cemetery,

They buried one Jonathan Rees on Saturday.

It's easy to call them, and they are happy to help. Feel free to confirm this by calling 301-871-6500.

There's something cathartic in hearing for yourself that Rees won't be hurting anyone ever again.

Anonymous said...

I called too. Yup! The psychotic little scumbag is no more, it seems. I have to say I'm surprised. I honestly thought he was up to his typical vile tricks. We can all sleep a little more easily now.

Of course, I could be a Rees alias, so I encourage you to confirm the news yourself by phoning the Gate of Heaven cemetery.

Anonymous said...

Apparently a number of indivduals wrote to themail at about Rees' death. themail had this to say about those comments:

"I’ve done something in this issue of themail that I don’t like to do, and that I recall having done only once before. I’m not running some submissions because of their content. In the introduction to the last edition, I wrote a brief notice of the death of Jonathan Rees, a frequent contributor to themail in the past few years. In response, I received more than one submission attacking and denigrating Rees personally....
If you took the occasion of Rees’ death to assail him one last time, feel free to be angry at me for not publishing it. But I’m confident that in time you’ll be glad that you won’t be immortalized in the timeless archives of the Internet for speaking ill of the dead."

Jonathan Rees was a sociopath. He was somebody without a conscience, who greatest joy was hurting other people. (The details on what he did to others have been reported on in various places, but suffice it to say that accusing people of being pedophiles, as Rees did, is just one example of Jonathan Rees' behavior.)

Some people are evil and deserve to be remembered that way. Jonathan Rees was one of those people.

Anonymous said...

The notice was definitely posted on the lung cancer alliance board, Nov. 28. Someone supposedly got a message from JRR's daughter "Mindy". I "knew" him from the board and he creeped me out.
Funny, I found this place because I too wasn't going to believe it until I saw a printed obituary. BTW - can a person NOT have an obituary? I thought they were provided by the funeral home.

Anonymous said...

Looks like his death didn't last long...he's still posting...

What a pathetic piece of s&*$

jocalyn@1 said...

I met Jonathan Rees in 1999, He was living in Delaware, Supposedly taking care of his Wife who had terminal Cancer. Later on i read she died. We started having a relationship.From seeing each other 1 a week it became an everyday affair. He will wait on my porch for me to come home. he became a stalker. We broke it off cause he was going to Puerto Rico. he was gone for a few months so i said good he is gone, Next year he calls me on my birthday and i explained that I had plans for the night, when I came home my mailbox was ripped from the ground. So we started to see each other again, but his behaviour had changed to been possesive. he started sending phornography to my daughter and i had him arrested. he was charged with 32 counts of harassment. he pleaded to 8 counts and was ordered to stay away from me. He had the nerve to sue me for $200k. so I counter sued for $250k. We went to arbitration and i won the case.He file Bankruptcy so he would not pay me.Jonathan would not stay away from me,. over the years he kept on emailing me, stalking me. had him arrested a few times, Finally he asked me to marry him and i laugh.Years later he emailed me and send me a marriage certificate of his marriage to Mindy. Last time he called me was this summer and he did tell me he had lung Cancer(he used to smoke chesterfiles, Chest breakers. Jonathan was a very smart man, but sick in his own way. I know he is dead cause Jonathan never failed to call me or email, god forgive him and let his soul rest. Bianca Rees and her daughter does exist, I spoke to her a few times. she lives in Virginia, Very nice lady.I know he loved me in his own sick way. I read articles he had written and signed my name.

Anonymous said...

I have found the latest posting on this article one of the only ones who has honestly stated some facts about Jonathan Rees, weather true or false she has stated them. Hurray for her.

I also agree and hope he will rest in peace, for he was a troubled soul.