Thursday, November 20, 2008

Signs Of My Steady Decline

As I have reported elsewhere, Friday night I returned from the Stop Smiling party and went to sleep. And that night, I had a dream. In that dream, I met with Liz Glover, who had been to a Congressional hearing on the bailout disbursement and had shot a series of still photographs of Neel Kashkari testifying before some committee, and while Kashkari hadn't said anything out of the ordinary to the committee, Liz had somehow captured him in such a way that all of his facial expressions looked like his was in the throes of intense sexual ecstacy. (Liz is, in fact, just amazing enough that this is plausible.) So, she and I uploaded all the images, and we created a post for HuffPo entitled "Neel Kashkari Makes His 'O' Face." The dream was so vivid that when I awoke, I still felt the conscious impulse to call up an editor to see how much traffic the post was getting.

The thing is, had it been an actual post, it would have played like gangbusters. Here's hoping my dreams are prophetic!

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