Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Undercover Glover Lover

I wish we had a secret jute, too! Jute makes a fine rug. Lightweight and easy to vacuum.

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becca's sister with the chipped nail polish said...

so i thought when i was at this club where my friend was djing and all these kids were dancing - it was a fun moment. and people were taking pictures which reminded me of videos which reminded me of all the fun we've had - ana, nikolas, you, and me - i got swept up in a moment of nostalgia and wanted to give you a tribute. and then i wished we had a private kyte channel for our friends where one could leave messages and tributes. but truth be told, i'd had a beverage or two. so the next morning when i considered the idea i decided it was a terrible one, because it would probably be used only when one is out and about and most of the messages would seem funny at the time but the next day would be just like that budweiser commercial where the two dudes are like, "i love you, man." the end.