Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Bit With The Boxes

The bit with the boxes proved to be a rather hard nut to crack, despite the fact that it looked like the simplest thing in the world on paper. But an intricate bit of physical business, the need for alacrity, and dialogue that was basically the three of us spitting rapid-fire, repetitive, non-sequiturs at one another seemed to conspire against us again and again. I think that between the three of us: Hugh Owen, Shane Wallis, and myself, we were collectively the sort of people that would hardly be described as being overly disciplined by anyone unfortunate to chronicle our exploits, but still, we should have nailed the scene a lot earlier than we did.

With Randy's patience starting to wear and the the feeling like we were all going to get detention or something starting to loom, the three of us sequestered ourselves to quietly nail the scene down. In the end, we hit upon a plan: a "safe-word" - "Kalamazoo," actually - which, by agreement, we would say if we went in the weeds as a cue to cut the losses and cut to the end. Naturally, by according ourselves this tiny thread of safety and assurance to live in that part of our brains that produces lizardly doubts, we never went in those weeds again. And almost immediately, we had it right to the level of reck and abandon we wanted it. And in a play full of things I just couldn't wait to do, it became one of the things I really looked forward to doing each night.

Anyway, I just wanted people to know that about my friend and colleague, Shane Wallis. And also that he worked very hard to make life interesting for the people he knew, and never seemed to have an unkind thing to say about anybody. He's gone on, now, to a far better place, and as a warning to the people there, let me just say: y'all are about to get up to some shit. Enjoy. I shall miss him greatly.

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