Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Inaugurapocalypse Downgraded To Mere Inauguruination

Sommer reports that the estimates for the crowds coming for Inauguration have been cut in half - from four million expected attendees to a less calamitous two million. What's up America? You mean you don't want to stand around in the frigid fucking cold amid piles of frozen shit to get nowhere near the festivities? Discussing the city's capacity for handling the crowds, City Administrator Dan Tangherlini said, "It's more of an art than a science." We nevertheless urge Tangherlini: PLEASE USE SCIENCE ANYWAY OKAY?

Anyway, I guess I should thank Saddleback pastor-hack Rick Warren for successfully offending two million people enough that they now plan to stay home and get gay-married to one another.

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CultureFuture said...

I think this is to be expected. Every time I put together a facebook event, fifty people mark that they're arriving, and on the actual night of the event? Fifteen or twenty. It's just so easy to RSVP...