Friday, December 12, 2008

Like Team Aniston, Coached by Isiah Thomas

Defamer fittingly reminds us that while she's out, ostensibly promoting a family film about a lovable dog, Jennifer Aniston is filling the usual magazines up with a lot of snark talk agitation at her ex's new wife and doing photo shoots with all this bonkers nudity. I mean, look, I'm not complaining, of course, but when I saw Aniston's spot for the Ronald McDonald house on teevee tonight and it didn't end with some kind of simulated orgasm, my first reaction was to think, "What a relief!" My next reaction, of course, was to think, "Too bad." I guess this is just a really confusing time for all of us, what with Somali pirates and all.


namron said...

Please answer this: has your existence benefitted anyone except your mother? Who gives a flying fuck about the subjects of your posts? Offer your potential readers something other than drivel. I know it is called frre speech, but, Jesus, just because it is free does not mean it should be valueless.

The Deceiver said...

Honestly, namron, your style of blog comment is sorta 2004. If you've got the yen to choke up on that twig and give a good squeeze, got get your own blog and prove yourself my better. I've passed many a two-bit cunt like yourself on the road in my life, and the ones from many years ago were far more interesting. My advice to you is to man up or get therapy.

locksmith mesa said...

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