Sunday, January 04, 2009

Congrats, Dave Weigel!

Via Spencer, I hear that Dave Weigel has landed a job at your Washington Independent, which is good news for the WINDY and good news for Dave. Dave is a really great person, so I am very glad for him. He has assured me that the tenuous alliance between liberals and libertarians can be expected to last several more hours or thereabouts, so that's good news. I can tell you that based upon the what came over his Twitter feed, there is no person on Earth who suffered greater hardships at the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul. Everytime he posted, it was about being late for something, or dodging assassination, or being roofied by wolves, or some such unreal episode of pain. He has served as the pincushion of grim political whimsy, my friend, and deserves your respect and affection.

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