Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day One

Well, not everything went quite according to plan, as far as attending the Inauguration today. Despite this, real feeling of negativity never took root. The city was filled with ebullient people today, and hey, I'll share a special bond with several thousand people with Purple tickets that will last a lifetime. Plus, the bruises left by countless, implacable ambulances. Those will last, too.

Thanks to some maneuvering, I got set up in time to watch the swearing in with my co-workers Colin and Katherine, and we spent the rest of the day at the townhouse as other co-workers straggled in from all over the city. Everyone was a little bit achy and a little bit sleepy, but warm and happy all the same. Anyway, it was a good couple of days, from the ball at the Newseum to the beginning of a brand new Presidency to the evening at the office to finally putting up my feet tonight at home. And there were a lot of people who made it a special few days. So thanks, people.

Oh! And Dick Cheney? In a fucking wheelchair? Har!

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