Thursday, January 22, 2009

For All Tomorrow's Inaugurals

I have these really great phantom coworkers who I call "phantom" because they live in New York City and I mostly interact with them over IM or on Facebook and such. They're great fun! And probably one of the simple joys of the Inaugural week was having the opportunity to work and spend some time together, even if the nicest place we ended up taking them, outside of our party at the Newseum, was Pasha Bistro. Anyway, it was really nice this week working with people who I'd met in NYC or in Austin or in Denver, and hosting them at the townhouse. And it was nice to meet new people, like the euphoniously named David Flumenbaum. Or Katie Saddlemire, who rocked a pretty punk as fuck ensemble for an inaugural ball. Or Katherine Goldstein, who finally provided me with an answer to a question that had nagged at me for some weeks, namely: "Does this scarf make me look womanly?" It did not, she said.

Anyway, I hope that when we all get together next year for Dick Cheney's war crimes tribunals that we have as much fun as our terrible purple tickets will allow. Except ha ha there probably won't be any war crimes tribunals.

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