Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Walk On Gilded Fringes

Videogum notes that this week's Fringe expanded the ever escalating number of "venues for former Wire cast alumnae" by featuring Gbenga Akinnagbe (aka Chris Partlow) as Pacey's hard-drive restoring friend. But, come on, playa! How you gonna sleep on the fact that the episode also featured Frank Sobotka? That's right, Chris Bauer was up in ur Fringe tubez as well, playing an ace computer programmer, naturally! Time was you watched your regularly scheduled programming for appearances from Oz alums (Fringe is still carrying that tradition, too, along with 30 Rock). We're still waiting for McNulty to get a good gig. (Punisher: War Zone? CHRIST.)

Another thing we wonder about Fringe: someone, please ponder the likelihood that there would ever be someone in the world named "Astrid Farnsworth."

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