Friday, January 02, 2009

The Last Day Of Chez Crappy

Today was the last day of Crappy Hour on Jezebel, a feature that I was privileged to partake in from time to time. For the big bowing out, Megan Carpentier put together a early morning chat with Moe Tkacik, Spencer Ackerman, Kay Steiger, Alex Pareene, and Ana Marie Cox. All folks with whom it is a real pleasure to spend any amount of time. Megan did a pretty heroic job editing our ravings into coherent form. It was hours ago, and I was drowsy, but I think they had to do with laudanum, and The Baffler, and Braniff Airlines, and Moe's expert use of the do-not-equals symbol. Anyway, it's sad to see Crappy Hour go, but, with any luck, it will sneak in to the economic stimulus package.

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