Thursday, January 08, 2009

Quicker. Picker. Upper.

Recent musings on the ubiquitous commercials for ShamWow! (and really, why does Bloggingheads even require those stupid headsets) inspired the Governess to ask, "WHO USES $20 WORTH OF PAPER TOWELS A MONTH? That's insane." Well, thinking on it, maybe I do? I've never really kept track but I think it's entirely plausible that I spend that much on paper towels. It seems like I'm buying them all the damn time, anyway. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I perhaps overuse the paper towels while cleaning. Certainly, the fact that I have to contend with occasional cat vomit is a factor. We frequently use paper towels in lieu of napkins, which is maybe uncouth. Also, I kill and carve up hobos in my kitchen, which leaves quite the mess. I guess I'm just not sure that ShamWow! is capable of serving all of my needs.

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Tom said...

Uh, it's made in Germany and you know Germans make good things.