Friday, January 30, 2009

Twitting On Top Of The World

Just how utopian is the Twitterverse? IT IS EXACTLY THIS UTOPIAN:

So, yesterday, The New York Times's David Pogue spoke at a conference in Vegas. "The topic was Web 2.0," he writes, "with all of its free-speech, global-collaboration ramifications." Pogue figured that "the best way to explain Twitter was to demonstrate it, live, on the big screen at the front of the ballroom." So he typed the following Twitter message to his followers: "I need a cure for hiccups... RIGHT NOW! Help?""I hit Enter,"

Pogue continues. "I told the audience that we would start getting replies in 15 seconds, but it didn't even take that long.
Oh, WHATEVER, David Pogue. You want to know another way to come by a cure for hiccups? HAVING A HISTORY OF ACTUAL HUMAN CONTACT.

If Pogue really wanted to test the utility of Twitter to crowdsource instantaneous solutions in Las Vegas, he should have Tweeted something like: "HOLY SHIT. I'm at the Mandalay Bay and my hooker's not breathing! What should I do?"

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