Sunday, January 04, 2009

Virtually Arlington

Arlington is said to be the most recession-proof place in America, which is I guess why they've launched a facsimile of themselves in Second Life, which I guess will be as overcondoed as the one in the first. I guess that's great, though I think you lose points on the "urban walkability" scale for encouraging this sort of shit from their residents. Anyway, here's the basics:

The Washington Post reports on quirkily meta Arlington County, which has established an office in Second Life. There you may go "in" and conduct various modes of business that you might with more difficulty, or at least more person-to-person contact, in Arlington County prime. Says one John Feather, who has volunteered his time to man the virtual Arlington County desk: "If we are at least here struggling with everyone else, that kind of says something about us."
Kriston notes that now, one can "Visit the Seat of Arlington County Without Ever Putting on Pants." For me, this won't represent any sort of change.

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