Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Highlights from Elsewhere, 2/18/09

  1. Anyway, these liberal blogs, they fight like kittens. What exactly is going on? Argh, I'll tell you.
  2. The media have come to the end of a month of politicking over the economic stimulus and, from what I gather, have managed to mostly unlearn as much as they could about the principles upon which the proposed plan is based.
  3. McCain's pretty much "Exhibit A" in the case against Media Savvy As An End In Itself, which is probably why he's constantly depicted as a headline grabbing wonder, as opposed to someone who has rather neatly exposed the limitations of media favor.
  4. Back when he was appointed by Illinois' cowboy-poet hair-farmer Rod Blagojevich to the Senate, ol' Roland Burris could brook no delay in getting seated. Well, WHAT COULD HAVE POSSIBLY GONE WRONG?
  5. Oh, but look at me! BLAMING THE VICTIM!
  6. ...some confusion erupted as to whether or not the film was about lesbians who kill vampires or if it would instead focus on people trying to kill lesbian vampires.
  7. Why stop there? Every time you send out a tweet surely you are also gang-sodomizing the telegraph!

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