Thursday, February 19, 2009

Highlights from Elsewhere, 2/19/09

  1. And yeah, I'm supposed to laugh at this, because AHH HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE BEEN BROUGHT LOW!
  2. And sure, if you look hard enough, I'm sure you'll find some of those "pot-kettle-black" instances where your Congressperson has wasted their own share of money. But you know what? To be fair, you really should look a little bit harder than Jonathan Karl and ABC News did for their article, "Congress Travels Free on Taxpayers' Dime," which depicts serious and substantive work as frivolous, and from which the palpable stench of asininity emanates.
  3. Remember Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann? She's the saucer-eyed looneytune who went on Hardball last year in the heat of the election to suggest that the Congress was filled with un-American pod-people that the media needed to hound out into the light, so that she could disintegrate them with her LASER EYES.
  4. But watch out, Obamaphiles! Obama's grammatical structure reveals terrible, dark secrets as well! For starters, he uses "copulative predicates" - literally some sort of terrible word-sodomy!
  5. What's the whole news peg, here? According to reporter Jennifer Harper, Obama has been appearing on stages! And on those stages: FLAGS.
  6. It raises the question: why should anyone on the Post's op-ed page even bother to tie their opinions to ANY real-world truths? Why can't everyone just MAKE SHIT UP?

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