Friday, February 20, 2009

Highlights from Elsewhere, 2/19/09

  1. So why is Pelosi so open to investigations where "DOJ politicization" is concerned and yet so quick to remind us that the Republic is chugging along just fine despite the fact that we still don't have closure on Cambodia? Let me kill the suspense.
  2. Apparently, not everybody's pet chimpanzee was shot dead in a terrifying police standoff. Some continue to ply their trade in public relations.
  3. "...Delonas' hack circuits trump his racist ones."
  4. So there you have it. Everyone should pick a side, because as soon as the closing bell rings, Rick Santelli and these pasty traders are going to march on Havana and reclaim Elian Gonzalez, I guess.
  5. 'I Bet Michele Bachmann Would Believe This If We Put It On The Internet'
  6. You suggest that a bunch of Wall Street titans who screwed themselves and took the economy into the tank with them should agree to compensation caps, and people start wondering if you've lost your mind. On the other hand, you suggest that a guy who works on an assembly line should do the same, suddenly your point of view gets traction.
  7. Does this mean Michael Steele's gonna drop a mixtape or something?

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