Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Terry McAuliffe Ads Are Up, The Battle To Turn Virginia Into A Scorched-Earth Hellhole Begins

While Superbowl-watching Arizonans had the good fortune to see some pornography last Sunday, viewers in "select Virginia markets" got the short end of the stick, and had to watch a campaign ad from Terry McAuliffe instead. McAuliffe is running to be governor of Virginia, and so, he's been to Hampton Roads - home of a still-beloved Phish concert - to talk with residents. He thinks that what Virginians needs are jobs - lots of jobs - and aircraft carriers, and probably an assortment of other things. You know, whatever the MICROTRENDS say Virginia needs, that's what Terry is for.

Democrats have recently had success winning elections in Virginia, because they've run candidates like Tim Kaine and Jim Webb - middle-of-the-road types whose broad appeal helps them in both the liberal-trending Northern Virginia suburbs as well as broad swaths of Virginia's small towns and rural districts, which tend to be more conservative. The governor's race is already set up to be an epic battle between the career Clintonite McAuliffe and Brian Moran, who's backed by new-media super-consultant Joe Trippi. This promises to be a epic old-school-versus-new-school scorched earth Democratic primary battle with slick ads, sick amounts of cash, and outsider consultants by the metric ton - all but ensuring that the Virginia state house will be ruled by Republicans, or perhaps werewolves, forever and ever.


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