Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Turns The Balls To Ice Cubes

So, this past Monday, I'm chilling out, reading me some Jezebel, and Megan writes this about Kathryn Jean Lopez:

Sex is surrender to another? How quaintly patriarchal of her. Obviously, it's not about mutuality, it's about surrendering to the penetration of one's vagina. Sex must be fun-times at K-Lo's house.
Jesus. Did you have to do that, Megan? I don't want my mind's eye filled with the thought of K-Lo fucking, or the heady, filmy musk that entails, or the trauma done to the creatures of the surrounding woodlands, who have to listen to the savage yawping coming from inside K-Lo's domicile and wonder if there's any sense in fleeing a horror that they cannot ever un-hear. Not on President's Day, for Christ

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