Friday, February 20, 2009

Yes, This Virginia Gubernatorial Race Will Be The Best Ever

I believe I've already mentioned how this year's governor's race in Virginia is going to be a total disaster, what with Terry McAuliffe microtrending his goofy ass all around the state and Brian Moran doubling down on uber consultants by hiring Joe Trippi, who likes to blow up the internet and stuff. Yes, it will be horrific. But I've left out the likely Republican candidate thus far! As it turns out, he's a goddamned peach, himself:

Ed Kilgore directed our attention to this item from Trende's overview, regarding former state Attorney General Bob McDonnell, the likely Republican candidate.

Regardless of who the Democrat is, much will depend on the performance and perception of Bob McDonnell. As mentioned above, McDonnell avoids many of the problems that have beset previous Republican nominees. But there is one potential problem -- he is a bona fide social conservative. McDonnell will likely be attacked for his law degree from Regent University (founded by Pat Robertson), and comments he made while he was a Delegate to the effect that anyone engaging in oral or anal sex could be found in violation of Virginia's "crimes against nature" law (he also claimed not to remember whether he had ever violated the law).

Kilgore noted, "Yeah, I don't think it will be too long before every late-night comic in the world has some high-profile fun with McDonnell's 2003 comment that he doesn't really recall whether he's ever violated the state's sodomy laws. And he's not well positioned ideologically to claim that this is a 'private' or 'family' matter."

Right. McDonnell insisted that those who engage in oral or anal sex should be eligible for prosecution. Asked if he'd ever personally committed this "crime," McDonnell told reporters, "Not that I can recall."

Awesome. See, that's going to be either the eventual Democratic nominee's secret weapon or Achilles heel: memorable sodomy.

*I think it goes without saying that it would be difficult to forget going ass-to-mouth with Terry McAuliffe.

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