Thursday, March 19, 2009

Annals of Superfluous Information

No brackets this year. Just gonna root for the teams I like to beat the teams I don't like as much, and I'm going to try to just enjoy the Tournament. One game I'm going to try to enjoy is tonight's game with my graduate school Virginia Commonwealth University. Sommer Mathis knows I love her to bits, but I'm hoping that tonight I get to sing, "What will you do now for fun in bad weather? Will you be lonely forever and ever? It's a bad year, the hard liners say, for tragic heroes at U.C.L.A." We'll see. I'm sure she'll be just as tauntful as I. LOSERS BUY MILKSHAKES, let's say.

Anyway, I happened to see this on Yahoo's scoreboard:

I'm not sure why they bothered to include the information about VCU's road record and UCLA's home record. After all, the game is being played in downtown Philadelphia. It's not like the Rams are travelling all the way to Westwood to play the Bruins. U.C.L.A. actually has the worst of it, travel-wise. These statistics tell us nothing about the game at all, unless, of course, the secret is in U.C.L.A.'s white jerseys. Even then, the story would be their magical white jerseys though. Anyway, go Rams!

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