Thursday, March 05, 2009

Food Network Tool To Stalk Area Restaurants

DCist says that Bobby Flay, of the Food Network's Bobby Flay's Dick MoveThrowdown, is making a return appearance to the District. Or at least, in this case, its outiest of outskirts. Apparently, he'll challenge Nongkran Daks, head chef at Chantilly's Thai Basil, to this "throwdown." To those of you who are unversed in Flay's repertoire, this basically means he'll be offering his "Southwestern Style Jizz Vapor" take on pad thai. Previously, he offered his "Southwestern Style Jizz Vapor" take on moules frites, in a battle with Granville Moore's. Next he'll probably open Bobby Flay's House of Southwestern Style Jizz Vapor, in Bloomingdale, or some shit like that.

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IMGoph said...

i'll be waiting for this latest and greatest addition to downtown bloomingdale! :)