Monday, March 16, 2009

Full Spectrum Awkwardness

I think we can all agree that "life's biggest adventure shouldn't be finding a bathroom." Nevertheless, I think that women will probably want a more substantial sort of amelioration than GO GIRL, which is...uhm, the first portable, concealable catheter for women.

Learn more about this product, its cringe-worthy testimonials ("With GO GIRL, the world is your toilet."), its completely uncalled-for blog, its wholly superfluous GO GIRL MINI COOPER, it's life-changing Twitter account, and of course, it's not at all awkward logo.

Note, this is not to be confused with BLO AND GO. Seriously. DO NOT CONFUSE THESE ITEMS.

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Princess Sparkle Pony said...


Have you seen David Sedaris' "Stadium Pal" monologue on Letterman? It's on the youtubes, and hilarious.