Monday, March 09, 2009

Highlights from Elsewhere, 3/10/09

  1. "I have to say, I find cheap populism very arousing."
  2. Soybean currency! Koalapox! Werewolf Congresses! A Kansas-Mexico Axis! DECEPTICONS WILDING OUT IN THE STREET. And fog, FOG, FOG!!
  3. And from Pawlenty's side, you could do a lot worse as a Republican than emerge from an interview with Maddow with her having proclaimed your rhetoric to be "measured."
  4. Did you ever get the sinking feeling that all those pundits -- or as Sarah Palin calls them, "pundints" -- that you see on the teevee were basically wrong about everything, maybe all the time? Of course you did! And good news! You suspicions have been confirmed, with THE MATHS.
  5. Yes, indeed, I have noted the irony of a man who basically wanted to transform a woman in a persistent vegetative state into a cyborg inveighing against coupling with robots.
  6. I love the premise of this argument, immensely. Let's see. "Listen up, America! I will PRODUCE if you give me $350 an hour. But if it's $320 an hour, you can forget it!"
  7. "Can we really be that stupid?" Clearly, one side of the "war on wealth" is entirely dependent on this extremely low barrier to entry!
  8. Pure guts, this CNBC, eh?
  9. With General Electric's stock price hovering somewhere in the vicinity of seven and a half dollars, the possibility of the company becoming a fully-owned subsidiary of the Sheinhardt Wig Company or being devoured by krakens, in accordance with the prophesy, has never been greater.
  10. World Net Daily -- my trusted source for Texas Secessionism news -- has a piece up from Chuck Norris, who apparently was visited by powerful hallucinations of our founding fathers and now wants to be the "President of Texas," and lead it into a bold new future of martial arts, and Wild West rope shows, and the like.

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