Thursday, March 05, 2009

Highlights from Elsewhere, 3/5/09

Hey, I forgot I was sort of half-heartedly doing this!

  1. Observe the eternal sunshine of Goldberg's spotless cranial void as it attempts to write its way to credibility.
  2. Surely this is just the amuse bouche to tide the market over until Beck releases his next work, I Put California In My Mouth Again: LOOKIT IT'S IN MY MOUTH, BLAAARGGLEE!
  3. But there's a next-level inquiry brewing up here as well, namely: What happens when a political power vacuum gets filled by a media figure?
  4. The next step for the editors of the National Review is a cleansing one: coming to terms with the fact that the strategy in Iraq, aimed at creating a Western style democracy in Iraq, and/or disarming enemies of weapons of mass destruction, and/or significantly impacting the war on terror to our benefit, and/or bringing a measure of stability to the region failed to achieve any of those things.
  5. Look who's honoring Jake Tapper now!
  6. And that's a DOG WHISTLE to all my homies, holding it down in Denmark.
  7. "Hold on, hold on. You're actually a Democrat, so you don't have to cower in the corner."
  8. Lots of people finally noticed this unknown member of Congress, because of this nonsense-dance on the grave of a paper that was much-beloved by its readers.
  9. Everybody's oversharing now! Here's CNN's Jack Cafferty, whose curmudgeonly heart has been lit ablaze in a way that Wolf Blitzer could never quite manage.
  10. But now it's time for MSNBC's America's Next Top Limbaugh Critic!
  11. As the kids these days say: This shit's about to get real.
  12. Raise your hand if you see - post-collapse of civilization - a possible future where California and the Pacific Northwest have formed a rump state with Idaho, Utah, and Arizona allied with the Chinese, and in which the liberal Northeastern enclaves of New England and Acela-land are off to join the Eurozone with Ground Zero of Bittergate - West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee.
  13. I am personally a huge, huge fan of their 1999 record, Anomie and Bonhomie. I am also a fan of blending anomie and bonhomie in general.

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