Friday, March 13, 2009

Makes You Long For The Punditry Of Toonces, The Driving Cat (Who Is a Libertarian, I Believe)

Yeah, so, Victoria Jackson is someone you might remember from Saturday Night Live and an X-Files episode about psychic weathermen (I think?), and she used to be moderately funny but that's before Lorne Michaels held her face against too many piles of cocaine and now she's a little looney-tunes, and a spouter of fringetastic right-wing talking points, to boot. She demonstrated all of this on Hannity last night, God love her:

Actually, my only major objection to this is Hannity's billing of this segment as a "Great American Panel." I think we can all agree that even at her best, Jackson was only really just an "Okay American."

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Anonymous said...

IS she serious? Almost self-mocking...