Friday, March 13, 2009

Scenes From Elsewhere, 3/12/09

  1. Now, I'm not a polling and statistics genius like Nate Silver, but I have a feeling that CNN is just not doing a good job capturing the opinion of all the people who would rate Obama's first fifty days as "Maybe."
  2. And then, Hannity made light of people with pre-existing conditions, curing them all with ridicule, the best medicine.
  4. But, yeah, Matt Taibbi should still be allowed to beat Friedman, with sticks.
  5. Honestly, Meghan, these reporters are HEROES.
  6. I think the New York Times has made an exceedingly wise and, frankly, exciting choice to tap The Atlantic's Ross Douthat as its new op-ed columnist.
  7. Uhm, look. I'm just not ready for the idea of tofu seasoned with somebody's rogue gym towel.
  8. But that's how blinkered they've become at CNBC. Hanging out with the Warren Buffets of the world has confused Jim Cramer into thinking he's the "little guy," just as hanging out with Jeffrey Immelt has led David Gregory to believe he is a member of the middle class.
  9. And that's the incredibly true story of how I penetrated this cunning bit of obfuscation by reading the very paper the obfuscators claim to edit.
  10. Reached for comment, Cox responded: "I have to say it puts the dream I had about Alan Greenspan hitting on me into perspective."
  11. So there you have it: Chip Reid and Kent Conrad are, at this very minute, in a tree, kissing each other.
  12. "Everybody's going to be blaming Bernie."

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