Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Scenes From Elsewhere, 3/17/09

  1. "If the GOP were The Hills, Laura Ingraham would totally be Spencer."
  2. But the fact that no one bothered to spare Cramer the same presumed indignity that Rick Santelli was spared is telling.
  3. Would O'Reilly have opened a camera shop in the Castro? Would his presence had improved the quality of life for California's GLBT population? Would he have lost the love of James Franco, and come to regret it?
  4. New question then: Surely everyone has to admit that setting a timetable for withdrawal worked! Because that's the word on the streets in Iraq.
  5. Hopefully, he wasn't forced to watch Glenn Beck's primetime melodrama festival, in which he advanced his Unified Field Theory of All Bad Things Are The Same (Obama is President! Pelosi is also important! Blagojevich! His hair! Weird people in military uniforms! Dollhouse isn't that good! Sales of the new U2 album are stagnant! Sexting!)
  6. And once again, the obvious has been proven, with the maths.
  7. But more to the point, whoever is responsible for putting this video together needs to accept a new prevailing reality, that stupid little lies like this will be debunked and exposed very quickly, so they may as well just cut out this nonsense entirely.
  8. That's a good thing, because back then, people stalked the streets of big cities, selling those terrible 1930s apples, for their jobs.

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