Thursday, March 26, 2009

Scenes from Elsewhere, 3/26/09

  1. Ahh, Michele Bachmann. She heard of this thing called the Constitution, assumed that it conferred upon her all the superpowers of Jesus, and then never bothered to get around to reading Article One, which explains "Congress" and "legislating."
  2. DID YOU KNOW?: Barack Obama is the first black president to use a teleprompter!
  3. Though Ed Henry's exciting twist -- coupling his boring question with an invitation to get emasculated on live teevee -- did blow up the Twitterverse for a while.
  4. Led by Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, this pseudo-centrist caucus seemed to broadly threaten to "torpedo" President Obama's domestic agenda with their patented brand of "hyper-timid incrementalist bullshit."
  5. Don't you think that Geithner's bailout plan shows a naive sense of meliorism? Or am I just indulging in too much fatalism?
  6. Other than that, I am presenting this video without comment.
  7. Anyway, take a close look and let us know what you think it says, because, obviously, this is the key to making the economy happy again, forever and ever.

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