Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jump Off The Key Bridge, Please

So, for a long time, we've been promised that some sort of Late Night Shots reality teevee show would be put on the air, for reasons passing understanding, and I know for instance, that Amanda Mattos and I have been saving our very best cackling for when and if it ever debuts. The show is going to be called Blonde Charity Mafia, and not my suggested title Slumdog Millionaire In Reverse With the Ending of Angel Heart, which I thought perfectly captured the essence of some people slowly frittering away money they didn't earn as they became whores and hobos who leap headlong into a pit of feces to be deservedly disemboweled by Satan. It will star three women who showed up at the DC premiere of Nothing But The Truth, amid loud choruses of "Am I supposed to know who they are?"

Anyway, via Liz Glover, we discover this hilarious, hilarious online movie, and yes, if this show ever airs, this is EXACTLY what it's going to sound like - sad, wannabe fameballs undermining and fingerbanging each other, and blogging about it, and being thunderously dull, the end.


Aspiring Bridge Jumper said...

Why is this post called "Jump off the key bridge, please"? Is that meant to be a dangerous bridge to jump from?

Christopher said...

It's a quote from the video. The woman says if she's still hanging out at Smith Point at age 27, she'll jump off the Key Bridge

Happy hunting said...

Why all the anger? There's a whole series of them, actually created by an LNSer a few months ago. It's hilarious to see how awkwardly the lingo from the forums translates into spoken dialogue. There's absolutely no reason to bring Satan into this.