Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Supposedly Fun Thing That's Not Fun At All Don't Do It For God's Sake

I've been seeing this commercial for Carnival Cruise Lines new ship-based waterslides, and seriously, who is this fuckchop kidding with his insistence that a trip down their waterslide will be anything more than long and disgusting sluice through the sweat and urine and pox of a hundred other strangers, just like all waterslides, with the added benefit that it's on a cruise ship, which means the whole thing is crawling with norovirus. Foul. Do not want.

Oh, great. Cruises from Baltimore. Just the port of call from which you want your waterslides to be embarking.

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Jim H said...

On top of all that, it looks like the type of cheesy waterslide that might be in the backyard of some internet porn millionaire's McMansion.