Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Seems To Be A Bit Of A 'Thinker'

So, these games that are being played over DC voting rights and Congress/the NRA seem to have most DC residents at sixes and sevens. As the ad at the side notes, plenty of people are of the mind that this constitutes holding their vote "hostage." I've read many opinions that suggest DC should sacrifice their unique gun laws for the good of having some Congressional representation. I think a more elementary point is being missed here. Let's take a broad look at the give and take, shall we?

WASHINGTON, DC: Look. We want voting rights, and full representation in Congress.

CONGRESS: Sorry, no. But, tell you what. We'll give you a little representation, on one condition.

WASHINGTON, DC: What's the condition.

CONGRESS: You have to take all of these guns.


CONGRESS: That's right. You people, who live in close proximity to those of us who have denied you full representation, must take these deadly firearms.
You'd be hard pressed to find an oppressed group in history who was offered this sort of deal!

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