Thursday, March 05, 2009

Your Periodic Reminder Of What A Spectacular Cock-Up The Redskins Front Office Is

Travis Mills passes on this hilarious, satiric recreation of Vinny Cerrato's Gmail inbox. As Travis rightly states, this suggests that there's at least one Redskins fan with way too much time on his or her hands. On the other hand, there's no use complaining about another fitting reminder of how Vinny Cerrato is the GODDAMN WORST.

GAH. He probably is working out a four-year deal with Jeff George, too. KILL ME.

UPDATE: This item, as I said, was PASSED ON to me by my friend Travis. You know, "PASSING ON" doesn't mean "created." If I'd known who had created it, I would have included a link. But I didn't know. And I never implied otherwise. I said it was "passed on." The people who did create it think that I've "incorrectly sourced" it, but the truth is, I just didn't know. Travis probably didn't know. He just sent me the link to a .jpg. So here you go: created this.

That's right!! Redskins fans whose pussies started hurting them SO BAD that they accused me of stupid shit. They can fucking suck it, forever, like the dumbassed cockholsters they are.

I have an email address, you fucking wankers. Send me an email, and talk to me politely, and next time, you won't get the back of my hand.


SkinsFan said...

Hey, you need to correctly site the source of who created things. Travis Mills is not the is. Please correct.

Anonymous said...

Please correctly source your posts....the Gmail Vinny Inbox was created at

PK said...

It seems you underestimated exactly how much time on their hands we're talking about here...