Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Scenes From Elsewhere, 3/31/09

  1. I remember my first car more positively. It was cherry-red 1988 Chrysler Fuck Richard Cohen LX. That thing glided down the streets of Northern Virginia like a cloud full of silver linings and the engine purred like a hummingbird. A sublimely contemptuous hummingbird.
  2. I understand that Congress has rich traditions -- like say, "the filibuster" and "pretending David Vitter isn't one of the ten or so most loathsome creatures in America."
  3. On the plus side, this is exactly the sort of sublime governance that makes David Broder's nipples hard!
  4. I guess it becomes "torture" when it's being done by genocidal Communist madmen, whose political ideology lacks the beautiful exceptionalism that normally transforms an abhorrent and inhumane act into a patriotic gesture.
  5. Every sentence is a delightful little sip of candy-flavored brain poison.
  6. It's actually a shrewd move, ensuring that some of the worst men in the world will never come to Spain.
  7. Jesus, nerds. It's just Timothy Geithner. Settle down.
  8. I tell you what, here in Washington, DC, you can't swing a stick without hitting NONE PEOPLE who "wonder is [Michelle Obama] is spreading herself too thin!"

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