Tuesday, April 28, 2009

There Was A Dream, And It Was Called Portfolio.

I think we went really easy on Portfolio, not running that classic Dov Charney-in-the-hour-of-financial-collapse cover that more of less summed up the magical thinking of Conde Nast's coffee table magazine for hedge fund middle managers. I definitely am not surprised that Garden and Gun outlasted them. As you are probably aware, adding "and Gun" to nearly any magazine title basically confers upon the publisher a licence to print money. Meanwhile, it's said that Portfolio lost $100,000,000? In two years? I would sure love to know how the fuck such a fucking thing happens, short of Joanne Lippman setting fire to stacks of money, for fun. Anyway, Portfolio. You were a thing in the early twenty-first century and then you weren't anymore. That's how things go sometimes. Now, someone PLEASE GIVE RYAN AVENT A JOB. KTHXBAI.

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