Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trikes Come To Arlington

I'm not as upset at the news that grown adults will be pedaling around Arlington on large tricycles as Kriston is, though I reserve judgement until I see these in the wild. I appreciate all of Arlington's efforts to encourage walking and biking in their urban corridors, so in principle, I'm glad to see this. Which isn't to say I wouldn't change a few things:

The newest way for Arlington County employees to get around has three wheels, a bell and an orange safety flag.
Uhm, no. Lose the bell, for crying out loud. USE YOUR WORDS. And the flag, I think should go, too. Yeah, sure, safety first, whatever. It's just the flag reminds me of that neighborhood in upper Northwest where you carry a flag with you to cross the street. It's just too twee for me, sorry. There comes a time in a person's life where you have to be able to assert one's own significance without the help of an orange flag.

On balance, these tricycles are a better option than the gaggledouchecycles that DC was threatened with back in June of 2006.

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