Saturday, May 09, 2009

Prelude To A CNBC Hit: A Lamentation On Modern Times In Two Acts

Act One.

[in a cab, 17th and R Streets, NW]


CABBIE: They talk, there.


DCEIVER: I'm sorry. What?

[The cabbie motions toward the police, congregating on the corner outside Steam Cafe]

CABBIE: They talk, there. And people die, elsewhere. Always.


DCEIVER: So. That's the way this night is going to go, I gather?



[in a cab, later, near Mount Vernon Square]


[The Cabbie turns on the radio. "Superman (It's Not Easy)," by Five For Fighting plays.]

CABBIE: [softly and plaintively hums along]


DCEIVER: Really? I'm sorry, but you are the least serious fatalist I've met today.


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divinemsk said...

"There are a lot of Bobs in this world, and they're all good people."

How does this shit keep happening to you? How do these people find you??