Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yeah, yeah. Insert standard apology for not blogging here in forever. I'm a little stunned that, like, 100 of you are still checking in every day! There's some good stuff on teevee, and whatnot, but, thanks. Anyway, am recharging. Will return soon! It won't matter much, either way.

Anyway, reminder: Here I am, six days a week. And: like everyone else.

Yea, verily, I have been sorely tempted, but I have not tumblred.


jake said...

I can forgive you for not blogging here but starting a tumblr is over the line. There's no going back after that.

Setubuh Malam Pertama said...

Hi welcome back!

Phil Rossi said...

Crazy. Had no clue this blog was alive and twitching. I still remember you calling a sweet friend of mine an insufferable twit! Ah, the good old days.