Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Person At A Time, We Make The World A Better Place

R__________: so who is this @molls
R__________: person you mention on twitter
R__________: she's hilarious
Yes. She is.

Fere The Tertel

Yeah, I saw that study, and thought, "Wow! Eight percent? Banner year, in other words."

That's why I always thought that old Cole Field House tradition -- you know the one, where Maryland fans hold up newspapers when the opposing team's lineups are announced? -- was a particular bit of poor sportsmanship. Obviously, it's disrespectful of Maryland's opponents. But it also sends a clear message to Maryland players. That message: "Ha, ha! None of you dumb motherfuckers know what this thing is!"

That's okay, though, newspapers are dying!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Heard Any Good Rumors Lately?

Were you wondering how it came to pass that a wild rumor that Chief Justice John Roberts was going to retire from the Supreme Court got published at Radar Online today? I just sort of figured that Radar Online had just coded up millions of pages of crazy rumors in advance -- you know, like, "John Roberts Poised To Retire From Supreme Court," "John Roberts Trampled By Wildebeest," "John Roberts Transforms Into A Magical Pegasus And Flies Off To Save Planet From Cloverfield Monster" -- and that one of the robot-zombies that runs their website BLEEPED when they meant to BLORP and WHAMMO, there's this crazy-fresh rumor that President Obama's gonna get to name a new SCOTUS Justice running amok in the world.

As it turns out, I didn't have this exactly right!