Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fere The Tertel

Yeah, I saw that study, and thought, "Wow! Eight percent? Banner year, in other words."

That's why I always thought that old Cole Field House tradition -- you know the one, where Maryland fans hold up newspapers when the opposing team's lineups are announced? -- was a particular bit of poor sportsmanship. Obviously, it's disrespectful of Maryland's opponents. But it also sends a clear message to Maryland players. That message: "Ha, ha! None of you dumb motherfuckers know what this thing is!"

That's okay, though, newspapers are dying!

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Chris said...

I agree with you post, but the tradition started along time ago when the local newspaper said that maryland was going to destroyed by a toped ranked team before the game started. So they all brought in the paper and ended up obliterating the other team.